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Semantic Web Design

Responsive Webworks is a design development workshop for experimenting with Responsive web Design, new CSS styling properties and Html5 elements Introduced by the W3C. Parts of Html5 may not be fully implemented any time soon, but you can use some of the new structural elements in your website markup. The following is a list of html5 and CSS3 used in this site.

Building Components

Document Structure

How you structure your web page is very important, markup must have meaning. There are different ways you can add semantic value and logic to your html document structure.

CSS Media Query

CSS Media Query is an advance styling module used to define the dementions, content layout and break points in Responsive Web Design. See table of Media Queries.

Browser Support

Some Browsers lack support for Html5 and CSS3, so you'll need a standard browser to see the effects of RWD, Html5 and CSS. Download one from below.